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  • sales@gdsaipu.com
  • Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00. Sunday CLOSED
  • 0757-26659467

New Product


Saipu produces nearly 2000 various products mainly covering categories of electronic components, plastic injection products, BMC molding products, hardware, precise tooling and automation equipments. Electronic products are above 200 in different model and specification including series of air break, water softener, dispenser, door lock, motor drive component, pressure switch, divert, drain pump, AQUA stop, and other electronic components.


Among the 1000 people in Guangdong Saipu Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd, there are 180 technical experts and professional management staff. Equipped with more than 120 automatic assembly and testing lines, Saipu has 200 sets of injection machines including BMC injection machines, 100 sets of precision processing and automation equipments, and professional testing machines above 200 sets. Annual capacity of dishwasher core components has reached 5,000,000 sets, and is committed to becoming.

One-stop Process Route

One-stop service from tooling, injection, punching, assembly, testing, packing to delivery

Short Supply Period

Short leading time, 3 to 6 months earlier than competitors from R&D, molding, testing to trial production

Fast Delivery

National three manufacturing bases to provide fast service to customers

Diversified Cooperation

Company provides customers with a variety of OEM/ODM cooperation.


Through nearly 20 years’ effort, Saipu has invested in three companies specializing in different area of products, including Guangdong Saipu Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Anhui Saipu Household Appliances Technology Co.,Ltd,and Guangdong Sapphire Precise Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. Enterprises cover a total area of more than 90,000 square meters, among which Guangdong Saipu occupies about 50,000m2, Anhui Saipu covers nearly 40,000 m2,and Guangdong Sapphire is 3000 m2 in area


Cultivate first-class staff, build first-class team, implement first-class management, create first-class products, provide first-class services, and achieve first-class enterprises.

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